10 Benefits of An Explainer Video

Explainer Videos have been all the rage the last few years and video content in general is one of the fastest growing mediums in the Universe.

So what’s the deal? Why does your company need an Explainer Video like you need air?

In no particular order, here are ten benefits:

10- Improve Search Rankings:

The amount of time people stay on your website plays a key role in Google’s algorithm for search rankings and websites with videos keep people around for 2 minutes longer than those without. Also, having videos on your website can increase the chance of having a front page listing on Google by 53 times.(1)

9- Increase Conversion Rates:

Shoppers are more than 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad than standard banners and nearly 12 times more likely to click on video ads than rich media. Companies have claimed their explainer video has increased click-through rates up to 200%.(2)

Although 200% has been the case for some companies, a more realistic number that I’ve seen multiple times is 20%. So, somewhere in between 20-200% is where you should set your expectations. Not too shabby.

8- Increased Press Coverage:

From Jason Kincaid at TechCrunch: “During my time at TechCrunch I’ve seen thousands of startups and written about hundreds of them. I sure as hell don’t know all the secrets to building a successful company, but there are a few things I’ve seen that seem like surefire ways to ever-so-slightly grease the road to success. Here’s an easy one: make a video demo and prominently promote it somewhere where new visitors can find it.

We are hard wired to notice things that move. It's in our DNA.

(We are hard wired to notice things that move. It’s in our DNA.)

Not only does a video increase your chances of getting covered, but the coverage will feature your video to supplement their story.(3)

7- Sharing is Caring:

A study published by MyCustomer.com said consumers are 39% more likely to share and 56% more likely to ‘like’ online video than text articles. Furthermore, shoppers are more than 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad than standard banners and nearly 12 times more likely to click on video ads than rich media.(4) Videos can be shared by your sales team as well. I mean really, would you rather read a 9-page brochure or watch an entertaining 60-second video?

6- Most People Are Visual Learners:

It’s simple, our brains are hardwired to respond to things that move. It’s in our DNA. It’s how your Great Great Great Grandfather spotted those saber tooth tigers back in the day and was able to save his bacon. Basically, Explainer Videos save lives. If that’s not enough for you, people retain 68% more information from videos than from texts.(5) How do you like them apples?

5- Repurpose Elsewhere:

Make sure you milk your Explainer Video for all you can. Have it on your home page, YouTube (now the 2nd largest search engine), social media, your blog, in email campaigns, email signatures, VC pitches, etcetera.

4- Shows the Personality of Your Company:

People are more likely to make a purchase if they are emotionally connected to your brand, product or service. People like supporting companies they like. So if you don’t have a personality, there is nothing to like. Well, Explainer Videos are the perfect way for you to tell your story and show off your glorious personality.

3- People Want More Video:

There is a reason 68% of the top 50 Internet retailers are using online video, and that’s because it is what their customers are looking for. They don’t want to read through 300 words of text, but they are willing to watch a 1-minute clip of the product or service in question. And 52% of high-level executives watch work-related videos on YouTube on a weekly basis.(6)

2- Video is mobile:

Video is taking over the Interwebs. Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and more than 85% of marketers are increasing their mobile advertising budgets.(6)

1-Video is searchable:

Videos now appear in 50-70% of the top 100 google search result listings.(7)

One thing we haven’t really discussed in the above list is quality. Not just any video is going to massively increase your conversion rates and be shared all over the Interwebs. You need two things to make that happen, a *&%#ing awesome product and a *&%#ing awesome video. If you have the former, The Goat Farm can help you with the latter.
Drop us a line and let’s discuss!

Explainer Videos made fresh at The Goat Farm.

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