Simple Tips to Getting Eyeballs on Your Video

If you’re a Startup, forking over money for an explainer video is no small investment. And even if you have money coming out of your ears, you still might as well do what you can to attract as many looking balls as you can.

So feast your looking balls on some easy things you can do to get more views:

1. Email Signature: Add a link to the video in your email signature. Have everyone in the company do the same.

2. Network: Promote the video to existing contacts, not just potential customers or investors. Do you have an email list? Newsletter? Company blog? Personal blog? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Can you communicate telepathically? Do it. Do it all.

3. Call-to-Action: Write a compelling description and call-to-action to go along with it whenever and wherever you’re posting it. What problem or major pain point does your product solve for people? Capture that in a short headline.

4. Video Title: The title of your video should be more of a headline containing keywords and not just a running list of keywords. (ie. “How to Promote Your Explainer Video Using Keywords.” and not “promote, explainer, video, marketing, keywords, SEO”)

5. File Name: Make sure the file name is something descriptive and not the raw video file like Using some of your keywords will help with SEO on YouTube.

6. Tags: Slap in at least 3-4 of your individual keywords.

7. Transcription: Provide a transcription of your video. Some people will skim it for content to make sure the content is relevant. Transcription is also great for people who are watching without audio.

8. Above the Fold: You don’t want people to have to scroll down to see your video when they get to your home page. Make sure it’s there in all its glory as soon as they arrive.

This is just a starting point so I’ll continue to update this as life goes on.

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