Changing Default Fonts in Word for Mac

Changing Default Fonts in Word for Mac


If you are a technological simpleton like me, even the smallest techie task can feel like scaling Everest all by your lonesome, naked, without food, while being chased by a goat.

Well for years I have thought about changing my default font in Word. For whatever reason, I assumed it should be a breeze and so I tried halfheartedly many times and each time I died at Basecamp.

On this day, I was determined to make it to the top. It wasn’t my most productive hour but today I got it done. My flag now waves – in Helvetica!

So if you’re like me here’s how I performed the miraculous feat of changing my default font in Word:

Step 1: On the Format menu (top bar), click Font

Step 2: Select the options you want to use for all documents now and forever.

Step 3: Click Default

Step 4: When prompted to change the default font, click Hell Yes! Or just Yes

Step 5: High-five yourself, you bloody geniusmike_reed_caveman!



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